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Fastest of grannys bike


Aunt is riding the grannys bike, Bakuso the various places!Those that block the path we will Oinuko to ring the bell jingles!And the Tachifusagaru the path of aunt is a wide variety to Ekiden athletes and a little dangerous black car! !
All Butchigi~tsu Te Hurry to bargain! !
[How to Play]1: Tap the screen will Chijimeyo the distance of an opponent who is in the course of the previous!2: Power up the grannys bike by releasing a new item!3: a further power-up by the level up each enhancement item!4: it is possible to put the gold in hand by overtake an opponent. Strong opponent have a lot of gold!5: it is possible to shorten the stroke distance to use the standing threshing!
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※ during game play, and if the app is not intended to forcibly fall, when suddenly you kill the app, because there is a possibility that the save data is not stored properly, please note.Moreover, there Fortunately, if you can contact us at that time.
Sound source useBeelzebub soul